Can I Really Get Out Of My Timeshare Obligation?

Get Out Of My Timeshare Always Sounds So Negative

Never the less that’s how most people ask the question, “How do I get out of my timeshare?” or “Can I get out of my timeshare?” and it’s a question we get all the time.
Take a look as our little friend explains our answer…

So there you have it. If you find yourself unhappy with your timeshare because you can’t use it like you used to check us out at and click on the big orange Getting Started button. You will be taken to the first page of our process, it’s there you will be able to type in the name of your resort you will be able to see our up front pricing ($595 + Your Resorts Transfer Fee).

As far as we know we are the only company that gives up front pricing and doesn’t have high pressure sales people who make up their own prices. It’s a simpler and less stressful way of doing business for you and us. We want to be your timeshare transfer company.